Sweets For My ‘Sweet’

So, as some of you may know, I have been having a few laptop issues which meant I’ve been unable to blog. now hopefully I will be back to my usual blogging self on Tuesday but for now, I am borrowing my friend’s laptop which is considerably smaller than mine so working the keys etc […]

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Not Afraid Anymore

I’m sure you will have noticed, but I never change my shape so this is completely different for me BUT this is a very cute & very sexy shape that is so perfect for this round of D23 I had to try it. And I love it! It’s from .:Secret Poison:. Check out my blog for this and all […]

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Underwater Love

“Follow me now To a place you only dreamt of Before I came along When I first saw you I was deep in clear blue water The sun was shining Calling me to come and see you I touched your soft skin And you jumped in with your eyes closed And a smile upon your […]

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Blind Devotion

D23 is back and what a round it is! Come and explore your kinky side as we delve into the world of sexy kink with Fifty Shades Of Grey. “I don’t have to remind you, It’s my need to confine you” Pose *PosESioN* Couple Pose 19 @ D23 Opens … 23rd March ❤ This couple […]

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Head Above Water

I never intended for this to be the picture I’d do for this post but sometimes, when RL feelings take hold, your emotions spill into SL. Life is a balancing act, and right now I’m just trying to keep my head above water.  “Did it ever hurt so bad That the thought of feeling lost Would […]

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Neon Lights

“Baby when they look up at the sky We’ll be shooting stars just passing by You’ll be coming home with me tonight We’ll be burning up like neon lights” There is just too much sexiness at the moment and it’s not for the faint of heart! lol Beautiful, erotic & sexy goodies available from *elise* […]

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Texture Like Sun

“Golden brown texture like sun Lays me down with my might she runs Throughout the night No need to fight Never a frown with golden brown” I love this tattoo! It’s so beautiful and I just adore the flecks on the face. Skin Fair 2018 is still going strong and you’ll find 2 other Exclusives […]

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Kiss The Rain

“How’s the weather? Is it stormy where you are? You sound so close but it feels like you’re so far” Skin Fair 2018 is underway and Wild Roots have 3 Exclusives there & this is just 1 of them. If you are a Sci-Fi geek, like me, then you are gonna want, no NEED this […]

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Pocketful Of Sunshine

“Do what you want, but you’re never gonna break me. Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me” These shorts from ChicModa are just too adorable for words! Not only are they cute but they make your avi’s ass look yummy! lol Run to Cosmopolitan, like now and get your little butt a pair or better yet, the fatpack! […]

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