Crocodile Tears

Omg! Can you believe it but Bodyfy has just over a week left! Remember, it’s an anniversary round so not only are there gorgeous goodies from the amazing designers BUT free gifts too!!! Yay!! “Why don’t you turn off the crocodile tears? Honestly, save ’em for someone who cares Cause I’m so sick of “please […]

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Them Girls Be Like

“Is she hatin’ (uh huh) Do it phase me (nuh uh) Take a selfie every night (uh huh) Get at least 100 likes (uh huh)”   Tattoo Wild Roots – Flowers Galore Tattoo @ Main Store ❤ Colour and B&W Versions  Jewellery  *elise* – Lilia – BENTO Rings @ Spring Flair 4 Metal Options – […]

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Oops! …. I Did It Again

Ok, so I know the song & picture don’t necessarily go together but I know that a lot of my posts can be a little doom & gloom, so this time I wanted to put a silly, fun element to the blog just so you know I’m not always miserable lol ❤  “Oops, I did it […]

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Sweet Female Attitude

“And if one day you went away, I’d feel so lonely inside I can’t deny that I would break down and cry And all those flowers, they would wilt in the rain And it would cause me misery and pain”  Swimsuit ChicModa // Debbie Swimsuit @ Spring Flair  Colour Change HUD For The Bow – […]

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Ready For It

Bodyfy opens it’s doors again but this time it’s a PARTY! It’s an ANNIVERSARY round and that means GIFTS! So not only will there be amazing Exclusives but also Free Gifts from the awesome creators/designers ❤  “Some, some boys are tryin’ too hard He don’t try at all, though Younger than my exes but he act […]

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“Why does it feel like night today? Something in the air’s not right today Why am I so uptight today? Paranoia’s all I got left I don’t know what stressed me first Or how the pressure was fed But I know just what it feels like To have a voice in the back of my […]

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Virtual Insanity

So, obviously, the backdrop looks like a padded cell and we are in a virtual world, therefore the title is self-explanatory however there is a slightly different reason behind my title. Due to laptop issues, I am a little behind on my blogs and have deadlines to meet, sooooo when I started doing this picture nothing […]

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Say Something

“Say something, I’m giving up on you I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you Anywhere, I would’ve followed you Say something, I’m giving up on you” Tattoo THIS IS WRONG – Blossom tattoo @ Spring Flair Event ~ Opens April 7th Unisex – Colour, B&W & Faded Versions Outfit United Colors  _Pure_shirt_ @ FaMESHed […]

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