“Why does it feel like night today? Something in the air’s not right today Why am I so uptight today? Paranoia’s all I got left I don’t know what stressed me first Or how the pressure was fed But I know just what it feels like To have a voice in the back of my […]

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Not Afraid Anymore

I’m sure you will have noticed, but I never change my shape so this is completely different for me BUT this is a very cute & very sexy shape that is so perfect for this round of D23 I had to try it. And I love it! It’s from .:Secret Poison:. Check out my blog for this and all […]

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Neon Lights

“Baby when they look up at the sky We’ll be shooting stars just passing by You’ll be coming home with me tonight We’ll be burning up like neon lights” There is just too much sexiness at the moment and it’s not for the faint of heart! lol Beautiful, erotic & sexy goodies available from *elise* […]

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Don’t Say A Word

“Here it is in my hands In my veins, and overlands It spreads like fire, seeking air To pull me in, my own funfair” No matter what is thrown at you, no matter what obstacles you face, no matter how many scars you bare, never lose yourself! Be brave. Be strong. Be a fighter! ❤ […]

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All You Need

“There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game It’s easy” As you’ve seen, my posts express what I might be feeling and, of late, it appears as if I have been a little down, […]

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Better Stay Up Late

“Say your prayers little one Don’t forget, my son To include everyone Tuck you in, warm within Keep you free from sin ‘Till the Sandman, he comes Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pillow tight” I love when I get to do slightly darker & twisted picture & this outfit gave me that chance. […]

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This Is How I Roll

“Hey ladies, hey fellas  And the people who don’t give a f*@k  All the lovers all the haters  And all the people that call themselves players  Hot mommas, pimp daddies  And all the people rolling up in Cadies  Hey rockers hip hoppers  And everybody all around the world” This gorgeous hoodie from .::GB::. @ PocketGacha […]

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Just Hold On

“‪What do you do when a chapter ends?‬ ‪Do you close the book and never read it again?‬ ‪Where do you go when your story’s done?‬” RedFish & *elise* are at 2 of the cutest events around. And both items complement the other with their beautiful & delicate designs.   Tattoo  RedFish – Beast Tattoo Exclusive […]

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Right Here Waiting

No matter how kinky you are or what fetish you have, everything is so much sexier with a tattoo. And RedFish have this pretty floral tattoo waiting for you! ♥  Tattoo RedFish – Sexy flower Tattoo Exclusive @ The Fetish Fair Outfit Scandalize. Vday – Group Gift  ($100L to join) Includes Wings & comes in […]

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