Kiss The Rain

“How’s the weather? Is it stormy where you are? You sound so close but it feels like you’re so far” Skin Fair 2018 is underway and Wild Roots have 3 Exclusives there & this is just 1 of them. If you are a Sci-Fi geek, like me, then you are gonna want, no NEED this […]

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Think Outside The Box

“I started living outside of the box Crossing over lines where I always used to stop Living outside of the box ‘Cause I’m not gonna be anybody that I’m not” I love being able to create pictures that are ‘outside the box’ not only to express my artistic side but also feelings that can be […]

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I Love Saturdays

“If they’d ever have told me that I’d find true love in every way Would I cry ’til tomorrow? Would I keep the non-believers away?” (Erasure have a song for everything lol) Tomorrow is Saturday and you know what that means, right? Yessss!!! Saturday Sales! Get these gorgeous rings from the *elise* mainstore for just 75L!!!!! […]

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Your Song Calls To Me

“Now my foolish boat is leaning, Broken lovelorn on your rocks. For you sang “Touch me not, touch me not, Come back tomorrow.”   Whore Couture Fair 8  is BACK!! The event opens March 3rd at 8am slt. THIS IS WRONG & *elise* are both there with TWO, yes 2 exclusives. Today I feature one from each. […]

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Your Love

“You get all my loving All my kisses when we’re hugging MC Hammer girls can’t touch this I got everything they don’t” If you haven’t been to D23 event yet then you are crazy. This is such an awesome event, filled will so many amazing designers. If my blog doesn’t entice you then check out the D23 Flickr […]

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Sunny Days

“She woke up in the morning With the sunrise in her eyes But all that she’s seeing is darkness She won’t tell you why” This is completely different from my recent posts but that’s what I love about the items I get to blog,  I can exercise my artistic side and try new things. I […]

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Deeper Shade Of Blue

“Into each life, some rain must fall I didn’t know I would catch it all The clear skies have gone And you with them too It’s not the same now without you”  I use the word beautiful A LOT lol but when you blog for *elise* it is the perfect word to describe the stunning jewellery *elise* create […]

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Ready Or Not

I can be quite a Sci-Fi geek and so when I saw this tattoo from RedFish available at The Darkness Chamber Fair,  I kinda squealed. But, what outfit could I wear? And then I remembered r2. I have seen them at events but never known or been confident enough to buy until now! Perfect outfit for my futuristic […]

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This is a little (maybe a lot lol) different from my usual style, but I love to look at the box, smile and then go completely outside of it lol  When I saw this new tattoo from THIS IS WRONG, I knew I wanted to do something ‘Out There’ and this is the result. Hopefully, […]

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Grim Reality

Bodyfy is still open but not for long, so make sure you get over there now to grab these scary goodies.  Today I feature another one of this round’s sponsors, SlackGirl as well as PMS.  Accessories  ::SG:: Lethal Bracelet @ Bodyfy  Another of the awesome sponsors. SlackGirl has this deadly bullet bracelet. Including a texture HUD. You […]

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