U Can’t Touch This

I don’t usually write anything, but when I saw these pants from Eaters Coma I instantly thought of MC Hammer and his infamous Parachute Pants! lol and was inspired to do a blog, so make sure you, not only to check out these amazing pants but get on youtube and listen to a bit of ‘U Can’t Touch This’ as you purchase them!! lol ♥

U Can't Touch This


::GB::  Sports bra  @ Tropical Summer 2017

Eaters Coma – Side Snap Pants


TETRA – Air Sneakers


TRUTH / Deja  – VIP Gift


THIS IS WRONG Fragment & Fragment n.2  @ The Chapter Four

~Unisex Tattoo~


[BODY FACTORY] Headphones (Blue) v2


anxiety %  83  @ The Chapter Four


Kalopsia – Neon – Feelings


saki Jun – the jump full perm POSE*

*This is an awesome pose and available on the MP for just 1L. Bargain! lol




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